Taffywood at BigLittleCity: Competition
In summer 2011 we were honoured to appear in the BigLittleCity project in the Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff. The project was a celebration of Cardiff through a plethora of media by many talented artists, designers, creatives - and us. We received a great response to our Taffywood Cards and mugs, and our Cardiff Underground map. And we ran a competition.

We asked people to post their own title ideas in our little red box. We received in excess of 100 ideas, doodles and bizarre scribbles, a few of which are scanned below. Sadly, some of the best and original ideas did not include the name of the 'guilty party' but you you can see all these on The List. Thanks to all who contributed, especially the gent who pitched an idea for a book on churches, the dragon fairytale and Splotty Bottom Boys by Catherine Thomas.

After months of deliberation in which we decided to opt for a Cardiff title winner, we can announce that the prize of a set of Taffywood Cards, mug and I Loves The 'Diff t-shirt goes to:


Congratulations Jim. We also picked two runners-up, Stuart Williams and John Tucker, whose suggestions have also been mocked up below. Well done all - Taffywood celebrity awaits.

Jan Hesford, N Somerset Hywel Griffith
Steve Dixon, Roath
Lia Moutselou
Linda Davies
Lea Fernandez, France
Wayne McAuliffe  
C. E. Williams

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