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| O Merthyr, Where Art Thou? | Of Maes And Men | Mold School | Snowdon Golden Pond | Once Upon Time In UWIST | Once Upon A Time In Abertawef | Our Man (In) Flint P: Paint Your Dragon | The Painted Vale | Twmpaths Of Glory | Pentrebane-spotting | Pentwyn Peaks | Lampeter Pan | The Pink Pantmawr | Pitch Bach | Caerphillidephia | Pont Break or Point Breconff | Ponty Python & The Holy Grail | Ponty Mython's Life Of Ieuan | The Gower And The Glory | Powys, Texas | The Coalman Always Rings Twice | Psycoed | The Purple Rose Of Caerau R: Radyrs Of The Splott Park | Raging Bwlch | Raglan Bull | Brymbo: First Blood | Red Dragon (FM) | Remains Of The Dai | Reservoir Groggs | The Rhyl McCoy | Risca Business [Was this our first ever one?] | A Mumbles In The Bronx | Runaway St Bride's S: Salem's Splott | Santa Clwyd The Movie | Saving Private Rhian | Saving Private Ryan Giggs | Scott Pyle-grim VS The World | Anglesey Of Love | S4C No Evil, Hear No Evil| See Splott Run | Seven Sisters Act | Se7ern | Lampshank Redemption | Shooting Fishguard | Silence Of The Lampeters, or Silence Of The Llans | Philog Millionaire | Sheeping Beauty | Sheepless In Seattle | Snowdon & The Severn Dwarfs | Some Like It Splott | Spidermun| Wrexham Like It Hot | South Wales Echo Park | Sparface | Splott Fuzz | St Clears And Present Danger | The St David's Day Massacre | Stagecwtch | Star Trek: The Search For Splott | Star Trecco Bay | Star Wars: Return Of The Bleddau | Star Wars: Return Of The Menai | Star Wars: Revenge Of The 'Diff | Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Bach | Star Wars: Clydach Of The Clones | Star Wars: The Canton Menace | Eisteddfod Wives | Sweet Home Abertawe | Sword In The Rogerstone T: The Taking Of Pengham 1,2,3 | Taff Guys | The Tenby Commandments | There's Something About Abertillery | There's Something About Maerdy | Things To Do In Denbigh When You're Dead | Thornhills Have Eyes | There Will Be Blodwen | The Day The Urdd Stood Still | They Died With Their Daps On | They Died With Their Betsan | The Third Mun | This Is Ringland | This Is Spinal Taff | The Spy Who Came Off At The Coldra | The Tower Colliery Inferno | Three-Tenby To Yuma | Tirphil A Mockingbird | To Rhyl A Mockingbird | TrainSplotting | 20,000 Leagues Under Swansea | 28 Dais Later | 28 Leeks Later | Pentwyn Town | Towyn Town | Two Days In The Valleys | 2001: A Space Oswestry | Twp Gun | 24-Hour Ponty Peoplef V: Valleys Of The Dolls | Llanilar Skies W: Fairwatership Down | West Side Storey Arms | What Lies By-Neath | What's Eating Gylfach Grape? | When Barry Met Sully | Where Angels Fear To Tredegar | Where Eagles Aberdare | Who Aberdare Wins | Huw Framed Roger Rarebit | Who Framed Rogerstone Rabbit | Whitchurch Of Eastwick | Wild At Clart | Ystwyth-nail & I | Without A Clwyd | The Wizard Of Oswestry | The Wind in The Wylfa

Welshification explained

You may be wondering what this site is all about. In short, it's a folly. If the humourously modified film titles make any sense to you, or even makes you chuckle, then you're probably Welsh or at least know Wales. If you've never been to the beautiful country of Wales (or Cymru, as it's known in the native tongue) then why not? It's great. By the way, Welshification is not a real word, we don't think.

Taffywood is a game my brother Al and I began playing one night out, years ago, in a Cardiff nightclub. "We were in Soda Bar, bored, and drinkin' like fools when we saw a guy who looked exactly like Tom Cruise," remembers Al. "So one of us said, 'Imagine if Tom starred in Welsh versions of all his films while he's here on holiday.' I did say we were bored..." And inebriated, clearly. Strangely, it turns out that Tom Cruise is actually Welsh. (Should have known really, given his height...)

Please note: as far as we know, Tom Cruise never actually visited the long-since-closed Soda Bar on St Mary Street, let alone work there as barman. He may have preferred Charles Street.

So, if you enjoy wordplay and puns, then seeing how many film titles you can Welshify to comic effect becomes kind of addictive. If you like this site, please mention it to your mates. And please let us know if you have any good ones (films I mean, not friends - we have plenty of those, believe it or not). After all, that's why we made this. You'll find us at the bar (though you could use the Suggestion form) Christian

A-Z Fuzzy Logic
If the first letter of a film's title has been changed due to its Welshification it will remain under the letter with which the film originally began. So for example, Treforest Gump (one of our early and enduring favourites) is listed under F. In this way people can easily check if their suggestions have already been listed and what various permutations on any one film title have been thought up. Hey, it made sense at the time.

For a Few Dollars Ogmore
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Candles! Camcorder! Action!
Have an opinion? Have an idea? Don't keep it to yourself! If you have come up with your own Welsh remake to match or better those on our list, then we'd love to hear from you. We'll even give you a credit if we list it, to ensure your everylasting glory.

We're also request your email address so we can let you know when we update the site, allowing you to bask in your new-found Taffywood fame. We hate spam and we will always protect your privacy. We're also on Facebook - join us [here].

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